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Ioannis Athanasiadis

Assistant Professor with Wageningen University

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In brief

I am an Assistant Professor with the Information Technology group at Wageningen University, in the Netherlands. I teach Data Management, Models for ecological systems and Software engineering.

My research interests are about ecoinformatics, intelligent information systems, decision support systems, knowledge engineering, metadata and ontologies and machine learning.

Since 2010, I serve as an Editor of Environmental Modelling and Software, an academic journal published by Elsevier.

I also contribute to the International Spring University on Ecosystem Services Modelling, a two-week intensive course organized by the Basque Center for Climate Change, in Bilbao, Spain. The next edition of the school will be held on May 2-13, 2016. Applications still open until Feb 5th, 2016!

iEMSs 2016

Note the open call for papers for iEMSs 2016, which will take place in Toulouse, France in July this year. I contribute to the organization of Session B2 Advances in agricultural modelling, together with Sander Janssen (ALTERRA), Dean Holzworth (CSIRO), Val Snow (AgResearch). Also, I co-organize several workshops:

  • A2 Integrated Socio-Ecological Modelling for Ecosystem Services And Beyond, with Stefano Balbi and Ferdinando Villa
  • A6 Integrated Assessments and Sustainability Indicators for Africa, with Ann Van Grienvsen (Vrije Universiteit Brussel/UNESCO-IHE)
  • B1 Extreme Climatic Events in Agriculture: Models, Impacts, Frameworks and Improvements, with Marcello Donatelli (CREA), Gianni Bellocchi (INRA), and the MODEXTREME Consortium
  • B4 Convergence or Divergence in Crop Models from a Framework Point of View, with Sander Janssen (ALTERRA) and Dean Holzworth (CSIRO).
  • C1 Data Mining as a Tool for Environmental Scientists with Karina Gibert
  • C3 From Environmental Information Systems to Big Data, with Argyris Samourkasidis (DUTh)
  • C4 New Technologies to Aid the Parsing, Management, and Use of Sensed or Observed Data to Inform Environmental Modelling and Decision-Making with Suzanne A. Pierce (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
For inquires and contributions, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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